In addition to the standard range of touch screen kiosks, InnovoSoft Technologies Pvt Ltd is your ideal partner to take your unique design and make it a reality.

With our manufacturing facility located in Coimbatore and Madhuri, 1ST not only supports local jobs, we also have full control over timing, quality control and offer a significant advantage for your custom project compared to those manufacturing overseas.


If you need a Proof Of Concept (POC) or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) built in a tight timeframe, IST’s rapid prototyping offering is for you. We can customise an existing design to suit your requirements, or dive straight in and design your unique product from the ground up.

Stage 1

This is where we sit down together and work out the best design suited to your application. During the design phase, we do rough sketches, discuss ball-park budgets and deliver a to-scale dimensional drawing.


Stage 2

Once receiving your input from the Design phase, we proceed to build 3D models where you can examine and make any final adjustments to the 3D model before progressing to the physical prototype stage.


Stage 3

At this stage, we put your first full-size custom design into production and produce a working unit. This prototype can be done raw to accommodate for tight budgets, or completely finished to become the first kiosk for your roll-out.


Stage 4

For a durable finish, ready for harsh environments and heavy traffic areas, we use a hard-wearing Dulux Powder-coat which is available in a multitude of colours to fit in with your installation site.


Stage 5

As a final touch, and to truly person-alise your information kiosk, we offer a branding service ranging from small discreet logos and user information, to full wrapping of your kiosk.

Registered Office

InnovoSoft Technologies Pvt Ltd
TC 10/522, Thannimottuvila 
Trivandrum, Kerala 
India – 695015
Mob: +91 80 89 867281

Corporate Office

InnovoSoft Technologies Pvt Ltd
TC 6/3122, 1st Floor, Adithya Building, Near water authority Pongumoodu, Ulloor
Trivandrum, India – 695011
Mob: +91 97 46 162818

Production Unit

InnovoSoft Technologies Pvt Ltd
Plot No. 3, Sempiyan Vilakku 
Alagar Koil Main Road Kathakinaru, Madurai
Tamil Nadu, India - 625107
Mob: +91 94 97 630471