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InnovoSoft Technologies Pvt Ltd is a self service kiosk manufacturer and interactive software developer. Core competencies in kiosk manufacturing include customizable kiosk design, engineering and fabrication; InnovoSoft Technologies is one of the few companies that fabricate their products from design to deployment all under one roof. Click here to learn about our kiosk manufacturing and we can create a custom kiosk design together.

InnovoSoft Technologies has a standard line of kiosks that our modular in design to offer you flexibility at a low cost. Additionally, with our team of engineers & designers, we can provide a full custom kiosk solution. Browse our website and see our capabilities and performance.

Our Solutions include: Touch Screen Kiosk, Interactive Kiosk, Self Service Kiosk, Computer Kiosk, Retail Kiosk, Financial Kiosk, Outdoor Kiosk, Directory Kiosk, Information Kiosk, Healthcare Kiosk, HR Kiosk.


The world is changing very fast with more advanced technologies, it’s impossible for a common man to cope up with it. Our technical R&D team is trying hard to come up with the fast moving technology and bring the customized solution to make it reach till the finger tip of each and every common man. Here we are introducing our one such product as a result of our R&D “THE SMART KIOSK”, that provides information access via electronic methods. A kiosk requires a simple user interface that can be used without training or documentation, and the hardware must be rugged and capable of operating unattended for long periods of time. Touch screens can provide some of these features because they enable a user to enter and display information on the same device and eliminate the need for keyboards.

Registered Office

InnovoSoft Technologies Pvt Ltd
TC 10/522, Thannimottuvila 
Trivandrum, Kerala 
India 695015
Mob: +91 80 89 867281

Corporate Office

InnovoSoft Technologies Pvt Ltd
TC 6/3122, 1st Floor, Adithya Building, Near water authority Pongumoodu, Ulloor
Trivandrum, India 695011
Mob: +91 97 46 162818

Production Unit

InnovoSoft Technologies Pvt Ltd
Plot No. 3, Sempiyan Vilakku 
Alagar Koil Main Road Kathakinaru, Madurai
Tamil Nadu, India - 625107
Mob: +91 94 97 630471