Sparsh SKS 220UT


Sparsh SKS 220UT is a multi-purpose unmanned ticket issuing machine equipped with a camera, scanner, RFID, barcode scanner, ticket issuing printer, receipt printer, etc.

A large, bright 24-inch monitor is mounted on the front. You can maximize the effect of publicity by showing the event screen in a large size on the standby screen. The overall design is dignified, but white is placed on the front, and the flow leading to the birdie at the back is treated with black color, giving an ideal sense of stability. It is optimized as an unmanned ticket issuing machine for cinemas, parks, etc.

■ Innovative internal design

It is easy to replace and repair devices by securing a wider internal space.

■ Powder coating

It is a coating method that uses 100% solid paint without using organic solvents or water, so it does not come off easily and boasts a beautiful appearance and smooth surface.
Powder coating makes the SKS 220UT shine even more and protects it from external scratches.

Width: 592mm
Height: 1730mm
Depth: 400mm
Weight: 80kg
Power: International 110–240 AC Power
Operating Temperature: 0° – 55° C
Humidity: 10% – 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
Size: Resolution: Available:
15″ 1024×768
17″ 1280×1024
19″ 1280×1024
21.5″ 1920×1080
23″ 1920×1080
32″ 1920×1200
42″ 1920×1080
46″ 1920×1080
47″ 1920×1080
55″ 1920×1080
65″ 1920×1080
▶Administration Service Hall
▶Guidance center area