For all InnovoSoft Technologies standard products, we officially promised warranty time is one whole year (12 months ) from the date after delivery. but 2 to 5 years warranty period is also available.

All products will undergo strict QC testing before packing and ensure that the packaging meets the safety of transportation.

Our customers will enjoy free product training services and technical support from InnovoSoft.

If the goods are damaged for transportation, the customer should request to provide proof of damage to the shipping agent and file a claim with the shipping insurance company immediately.

The free warranty service could not be offered if the product is damaged due to force majeure factors, transportation, human damage or misuse. Client is responsible for purchasing the corresponding accessories or spare parts and undertakes round-trip transportation. Including The product has been misused, abused, or subjected to unauthorized disassembly/modification; The products are not operated in accordance with industry standards,placed in an unsuitable physical or operating environment; Problems are caused by the third-party software.

If the quality problem of the machine is not caused by human beings, InnovoSoft will firstly provide remote assistance to solve it within 48 hours; if it is a problem with the screen or other accessories, InnovoSoft will send the accessories to client for replacement; if the machine cannot be repaired in the customer‘s local area, It needs to be returned to the factory for repair. According to the international RMA principle, one party bears the freight for one trip, and the customer bears the freight from the factory to the foreign country or ships with the next order.

InnovoSoft continuously support our customers for the products which are out of warranty, in that case, we will provide suitable repairing solutions at a reasonable cost.

Service Process

Our technical support team will ask some questions to confirm the product issues, and customers should cooperate to send model NO./Serial No, pictures and videos to our technical team. If our technical teams confirm its parts issues, replacement parts will be sent.