The market is highly influenced by innovation and is constantly transiting. To stay parallel of the transitions, we keep upgrading our products to cope up with the trends. We have employed an adept R&D team, who understand the functions of the arena and brings innovation in the company’s life cycle. In addition to developing products, the R&D team is also responsible for our inhouse development. Any kind of advancements that helps in devising contemporary products or upgrade prevalent solutions are taken in accord for execution. This eventually helps us to stay ahead and keep us updated with the latest technologies and innovations.

Research and development are the foundation of growth and sustainability for an establishment and has been an integral part of IST. We perform R&D practices on five points:

  • New Product Research
  • Existing Product Updates
  • New Product Development
  • Innovation
  • Quality Checks
■ New Product Research & Product Development

We also put existing products of ours under research and development. Our department regularly evaluates the products developed inhouse to ensure they are still functional. Potential changes or upgrades are considered. In some cases, our research and development department resolve the problem with an existing product that malfunctions or to find a new solution if the manufacturing process must change.

■ New Product Development

The research paves the way for the development phase. This is the time when the new product is actually developed based on the requirements and ideas created during the research phase. The developed product must meet the product guidelines and any regulatory specifications.

■ Innovation

Our R&D team aids us in staying competitive with others in the industry. Our department is able to research and analyse the products other businesses are creating, as well as the new trends within the industry. This research aids the department in developing and updating the products created by our company. Our team helps to direct the future of the company based on the information it provides and products we create.

■ Quality Checks

In IST, the research and development team handle the quality checks on products created by the us under ISO 9001-2015 standards. The department has an intimate knowledge of the requirements and specifications of the particular project. This allows team members to ensure the products meet those standards and to ensure we are delivering quality products.