Sparsh SKS 320QT


The Sparsh SKS 320QT model is an extended model of the SKS 185TP model.
It has evolved from a number ticket issuing machine and can be equipped with a barcode reader, card reader, and A4 laser printer, making it a suitable model for solutions such as hospitals and universities.
It is a front-opening type, so maintenance such as paper replacement is convenient.

■ Various devices

Barcode reader, card reader, A4 laser printer, thermal printer

■ 1.6mm CR-Steel

CR-Steel (Cold Rolled Steel) is characterized by its beautiful and smooth surface as it does not undergo heat treatment. Thin yet strong CR-steel adds to the solidity.

■ Powder coating

This is a coating method that uses 100% solid paint without using organic solvents or water, so it does not come off easily and boasts a beautiful appearance and smooth surface.
Powder coating makes the gloss shine even more and protects it from external scratches.

Width: 530mm
Height: 1711mm
Depth: 591mm
Weight: 80kg
Power: International 110–240 AC Power
Operating Temperature: 0° – 55° C
Humidity: 10% – 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
Size: Resolution: Available:
15″ 1024×768
17″ 1280×1024
19″ 1280×1024
21.5″ 1920×1080
23″ 1920×1080
32″ 1920×1200
42″ 1920×1080
46″ 1920×1080
47″ 1920×1080
55″ 1920×1080
65″ 1920×1080
▶ This design is a hospital-related unmanned payment machine model, and we customize even one unit at a low price according to the customer’s request, such as design construction, Solidworks design, enclosure production, and payment module installation.